Kinz Kanaan

Art direction and visual comunication for Copenhagen based jewellery company- Fall 2015 Campagin .
The idea behind the Art Direction was to combine the classical with the contemporary and the intricate designs of the middle-east with the minimalistic aesthetics of Scandinavia.
Kinz is Arabic for ‘treasure’ while Kanaan originates from the ancient land of Canaan – a region historically renowned for it’s superior craftsmanship and artistic expression, and the root of Maysoun Kanaans, founder of Kinz Kanaan, cultural heritage.

– Photography: FranklyFoto
– Model: Ali Rakic

kinzkanaan_postkort_ny kinzkanaan_postkort_ny2

Gold Kinz Kanaan Tattoos as a give away gift/ Instagram contest during the Copenhagen Fashion Week,
 fall 2015. Tattoo, Hashtag #Kinzkanaan & Win piece of jewellery from the treasure of Kinz Kanaan .

kinz_tatoo kinzkaanan_visit_setup tumblr_nqmhitOjA41rxiesuo1_1280