Visual communication for
art, music & culture.

Ivana Colic – Graphic Designer based in
Copenhagen / Buenos Aires.

My work is guided and inspired by various influences I gathered on my rather atypical life path.
I came to Denmark due to the civil war in former Yugoslavia. 
As a girl I used to collect grenade pieces and I could tell the direction of a falling bomb according to the sound of it.
In 1994 UN helicopter followed by Hercules military plain, flew me from Bosnia to Denmark.
Soon after my hair was green and spiky and I knew every squat in Copenhagen.
My first encounter with graphic design was making flyers and posters for the Copenhagen underground scene in the late 90’s.
This connection to and fascination with the aesthetics and diversity of sub-culture and urban art started early, and remains a strong motivating force in my work today.
During this period I also began to combine my work with graphic design and my knowledge and passion for music and culture.
In the mid 00`s  under the name “Belaj Kru“. I began organizing cultural-music events with focus on exposing traditional values from Balkan in a remix with the trends of the Danish music scene.

I like to work on creating and connecting art, music & culture by applying my knowledge in fields such as visual communication, branding, event coordinating & design development. I believe that a successful relationship is born out of collaboration and partnership
Through my projects I place great emphasizes on exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, balancing chaos, functionality and aesthetics.


Freelance and In-house design work
Visual Identity development and execution
Art Direction
Project leadership
Event Production


I´am always interested in hearing about new work.
Please feel free to contact me at:
Mail :      colic.ivana@gmail.com
Phone:    +45 51966265

I look forward to hearing from you!